My 2010 New Year’s Resolution

It’s new year and syempre whenever the year is new we always make a list of new things for us to accomplish kahit na minsan ang hirap hirap sundin kaya most likely wala pang 50% ng list ang naa-accomplish natin.

If you ask me, yes super hirap mag-keep ng resolution especially if long term goals ang nasa list. =) But in fairness I was able to accomplish some of it. What are those? Hmmm… one is about my financial savings, then there’s my being a great liar, my being a bookworm, also there’s my procrastination issue (nagproprocrastinate pa din ako, pero super minsan na) What else? Can’t think them all.

So since it’s a new year, let me share with you my new list. Then by the end of the year lets check if I’ve accomplished anythings. Without further ado, here’s my 2010 New Year’s Resolution
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