OctoBEER Fest!

Hi! Yes, its the Beer month again, and yeah, my month too!

Here’s the list of the movies, as far as i know, and I would like to watch most of them.
I’m excited to see RED! Old people kicking ass, haha!
FYI, Let Me In is based from the Swedish book Let the right one in. It also has a movie in Swedish starring Kåre Hedebrant as Oskar and Lina Leandersson as Eli, this was released in Sweden in year 2008. I already saw this Swedish version and it’s good, dark but good.

October 01 – movie: Let me in
October 02 – Sis Jaira Tanada’s birthday
October 08 – movie: Life as we know it
October 10 – 101010 Run for Pasig
October 13 – movie: Petrang Kabayo
October 15 – Kat Simbulan’s birthday; movie: RED; The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest; Eat, Pray, Love
October 16 – Edward Valeza’s birthday
October 20 – Kambal’s 14th birthday (Trisha and Chabel Virtucio)
October 21 – MY 25th BIRTHDAY;
October 22 – movie: Paranormal activity 2
October 23 – Tito Gerry Ansay’s birthday;
October 24 – Sir Junney Martinez’ birthday
October 29 – Saw 3D
October 30 – Sir Alvin Gamboa’s birthday
October 31 – Eunice Caymo’s birthday;

To ctoyski, it’s my birthday! it’s my birthday! it’s my birthday! hahaha!
To my family, friends and people who shares this month with me, Happy Birthday!


September to Remember 2010

September 01 – Dad Raul Virtucio’s birthday; Anna Korina Arocena’s birthday; movie: Sa’yo Lamang, Despicable Me, Mamarazzi, Vampire Sucks
September 02 – John Alvin Ansay’s birthday;
September 03 – Dad and Mom’s 26th church wedding anniversary!; movie: Going the Distance
September 06 – Pi Sigma Delta – LB batch 02-D 8th anniversary!
September 08 – Happy Birthday Mama Mary!
September 10 – movie: Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D
September 11 – End of Ramadan
September 12 – UAAP Cheer Dance Competition @ Araneta
September 15 – Pay day!
September 16 – Karla Ramirez birthday
September 19 – Ma’am Concepcion Khan’s birthday;
September 20 – Pi Sigma Delta Los Banos chapter anniversary
September 24 – movie: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole
September 27 – Gerelle Ansay’s birthday
September 30 – Pay day! Tatay Fidel Ansay’s birthday

To all the celebrants, Happy Birthday!
To Ctoy, Happy monthsary! I-date mo naman ako sa EK! hahaha!

It’s August month again!

I know I’ve been bad not posting monthly events, scheds and birthday greetings…
I’ll make it up by starting all over again. So here are my shout-outs for this month! =)

August 01 – Death of former President Corazon Aquino; Catalina Pamatmat’s birthday
August 06 – Cavinti, Laguna fiesta; movie: Step-Up 3D
August 07 – Pythagoras 2002 Mini Reunion @ Pagsanjan lodge
August 08 – Pauline Iwarat’s birthday; Brian Cube’s birthday
August 10 – Shamdja Kitma’s birthday; Tani Alejo’s birthday
August 13 – movie:Eat, Pray, Love; movie: The Expendables
August 15 – Rachelle Clemente’s birthday; Ria Panelo’s birthday; Pi Sigma Fraternity National Anniv
August 17 – Papa and Mama’s Civil Wedding Anniversary
August 20 – movie: Nanny McPhee returns
August 21 – Lolo Tirso Virtucio’s birthday;
August 29 – Liliw, Laguna fiesta
August 31 – Rhea Sevilla’s birthday

Happy birthday to all the celebrants. To Pythagoras batch 2002, be there!
As always, I love you bhie! Happy monthsary!