Torment: Fallen series book 2 by Lauren Kate

This will be my first post via phone and wireless internet, please excuse the typo errors, so tedious!

Ok, i just finished reading Torment, book 2 of the highly acclaimed New York Best Seller book by Lauren Kate. It carry on with the love story of star-crossed lovers Daniel and Luce.

Luce is now placed in Shoreline, a school for Nephilim kids who will someday will choose a side between heaven or hell. But this time Daniel is mostly out of the picture, he’s outside protecting Luce from the Outcasts who wanted her. At first we think that they wanted her dead, but in the end they revealed that they wanted her to open the gates of heaven for them. I guess that’s too much info for those who haven’t read this yet.

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Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick and Expectations by Eya

Hi, you’ve read my post before and it is a fact that I’m really excited to resume my reading Crescendo. But before I could start getting my hands on t again I would love to write some of my expectations. And absolutely write an aftermath experience.

My number one concern is Patch. It’s also a fact that Patch is one of the reason why people got hooked with this fallen angel story. And those of you who’ve read Hush, hush, we all know that Patch became Nora’s guardian angel. My dilemma, the key factor why Patch is such a hit is because of his “bad boy” image, so if he becomes a guardian angel, will he leave his “bad boy” persona and be a goody-goody angel? If so that would be a total blow. I personally want Patch bad! haha! There’s something sexy in his badness that you can’t help yourself imagine becoming Nora.

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Vampires vs Fallen Angels

After my Ctoy gave the full set of Twilight saga and after technically pushing him to tour all National bookstore just to get me “Hush, hush”, finally I’m finished reading them all *big grin* =)

Twilight saga, hush, hush

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