A short post…

I’m procrastinating again. This is bad. Haven’t written any blog post for 2weeks? Writers block?

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to watch May Bukas Pa, Ang Pagtatapos. It was so good and a real tear-jerker. I love Santino.

Earlier today, I might have bought my own domain. I wanted to do a siteĀ  for books and our soro.

And I’ve loads of weird dreams, from earthquake to a shadow to an operation with nuts and bolts.

I’m craving for Double Dutch ice cream! But I’m too tamad to buy one. I’ll just wait till Sunday comes. Dairy Queen or Eskimo Bob (or Hagen Daz) wait for me!

Tomorrow I’m switching my mind set from Server-Side developer to Client-Side Developer.

And tomorrow, the girls and I will watch PBB Double Up final live eviction! Excited! Who’ll be evicted? Sana matuloy kami (cross-fingers).

That’s all for now, I’ll eat na my pancit canton and continue watching Glee =)