My 2010 New Year’s Resolution

It’s new year and syempre whenever the year is new we always make a list of new things for us to accomplish kahit na minsan ang hirap hirap sundin kaya most likely wala pang 50% ng list ang naa-accomplish natin.

If you ask me, yes super hirap mag-keep ng resolution especially if long term goals ang nasa list. =) But in fairness I was able to accomplish some of it. What are those? Hmmm… one is about my financial savings, then there’s my being a great liar, my being a bookworm, also there’s my procrastination issue (nagproprocrastinate pa din ako, pero super minsan na) What else? Can’t think them all.

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Lets welcome 2010 with a bang! ^^

It’s 2010… Happy new year to all of us!
New hopes, new blessings, new struggles… ah basta lahat new!
To start the year right, here’s my January batian edition =)

January 01 – First day of year 2010! New Year celeb with familia Virtucio @ Liliw, Laguna

January 02 – Palindrome date (01022010) =); Back to Manila =(; Happy birthday brod Kurei Pama

January 03 – back to WORK!!!; Happy birthday brod Cale Lorenzo; Happy 3 Kings!

January 05 – Happy birthday cuzn Kenneth Coroza and Tita Lorna Arocena

January 07 – Happy birthday Maybriel Tobias

January 11 – Happy birthday brod Pepe Regalado

January 12 – Happy birthday sis Mahrose Abaño

January 15 – Payday!; movie: The Spy Next Door; Happy birthday sis Nikki Albas

January 16 – Jasper’s 21st birthday celebration

January 17 – Happy birthday Laiza Abad

January 18 – Happy birthday cuzn Aldwin Virtucio and Helle-Zoe Espino

January 19 – Happy birthday sis Leya Madlangsakay

January 21 – It’s our 70th monthsary =)

January 22 – Pi Sigma fraternity chapter anniversary; movie: The Tooth Fairy

January 24 – Baclaran Day

January 25 – Ctoy’s birthday! Outback! Shang Heat! Bubba Gump!

January 26 – Pi Sigma Delta sorority national anniversary

January 31 – Payday! Happy birthday Grace Procopio

Wow, daming birthday boys and girls ah. Happy birthday friends! Libre, libre, libre!

So this is it, goodbye 2009, hello 2010! Cheers! =)