100% un-insane =)

Hi, I’ve been here alone in my room for two days, and tomorrow is my third. I’m just accompanied by my tv (with cable), laptop, internet connectivity, some books (ya-ya sisterhood, kiko machine) and my stuffed toy Pigtoy.

I haven’t gone out. Room – cr, room – cr, is my only destination. I haven’t talked to anyone in person, only virtually. But my mom constantly asks how I am thru text.

I know some people who cannot survive this kind of situation. Not going out or talking to anybody for just a day will make them insane. Good for me I’m used to be alone since I was kid (I’m an unica hija ^^).

Well, I don’t have an imaginary friend yet. I’m not talking to Pigtoy. I laugh and cry, but it’s because of the shows I’m watching. So I guess I’m 100% sane.

I have a high insanity tolerance, hahaha! Thanks facebook, twitter, wordpress, HBO, Nickelodeon, Star Movies and Star World, ABS-CBN, YM, Bleach and Onepiece for keeping me company. =)