Laziness at its best

Guilty, I am!

I don’t understand, the day I handed my resignation letter and the day I signed my new work contract, lahat ng sipag at nalalaman ko sa work ko regarding my current company left my body system, in just a snap.

I totally lose all the interest, before if you ask me regarding my question I can answer, but now? I have to think deeply and kelangan ko icheck ang emails and files just to get an answer. And making matter worst, I’ve been out of office since Saturday and tomorrow is my last day. Talk about me being soooo unprofessional.

Maybe I’m being like this due to lack of interest in my current work, excitement in my new work which will start next week. Also maybe, because my body and mind is yearning so badly for a looooooong rest, vacation, peace of mind. Ung tipong wala talagang inaalala na work or responsibility. Yes I’ve been in vacation at some point of my 3years and 9months stay in company but I can’t keep my mind of it. Very seldom that I didn’t think of a code problem or strategy.

I am so cherishing this moment, this is my very first long break and I’m not confined in the rooms of the hospital. I feel rejuvenated somehow. I think when I get to work on Monday I have enough energy to listen and learn the stuff I needed to know.

I think sometimes being lazy is good for the mind. Since I’ve been lazying in work, I’ve been busying with my blog and other stuffs. My mind is relaxed and somehow I missed going to work, which I think I badly needed.


Starting Vegetarian, Pescatarian

Yesterday I decided to be a vegetarian… period.

What made you do it?

Well, it’s just I wanted to lose weight. My mom’s been nagging me about being fat eversince. I never experienced being not fat ever in my life. I’m having a hard time buying dress I would really love to wear because at some of my body part, it does not fit. And by my third trip to Boracay I would really like to wear a bikini haha! I know that this is effective as long as I have the right amount of discipline and dedication to survive it. And I think that this is one great way to stay fit and healthy and stay away from diseases like diabetes, UTI, kidney stones and lots.

How will you do it?

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Blogging, planning and new skin!

Okay, I’ve been lazy a lot lately. No posts, not even a book review or monthly greetings prepared. But hey, look at my new blog’s skin! I kind of got bored with the current design so I opt for a more simpler one, mostly white and texts and some lines.

So! For the starter I’ll just post all the stuffs I’m thinking of doing or done or still planning.

1. I plan to be a vegetarian, Pescatarian to be exact. Pescatarian’s abstain from eating animal meat except for fish. We’ll discuss how I will go through this transition in a separate article with the help of PETA and other vegetarians out there.

2. I will jog every Saturday or Sunday in Ayala Triangle, whenever I’m here in Makati.

3. Ctoy and I will do anything to save 300,000.00 pesos for our second hand Toyota Rav4 next year. Anyone who wants to have a site just contact me!

4. Currently I’m reading Hunger Game’s book 2, Catching Fire and continue with Mockingjay. I will post a review here once done. Suzanne Collins is the author of this amazing book.

5. After the Hunger Games, I’ll decide which to prioritize “I am Number 4” which will be out in Cinema this year or The Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson. Whichever I choose I still need to buy it.

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