Top 10 reasons why its a happy, happy day! =)

1. I read in an interview with Becce Fitzpatrick that she’s currently writing the sequel for Hush, hush! More Patch to come, can’t wait! =)
2. I finally have someone to talk to about Hush, hush book. Jaimie!
3. I just bought my first knee-high boots that doesn’t worth 4,000 bucks!
4. Due to my disappointment last Saturday with Mischa Barton’s pricey grab bag, i found a similar one at Girbaud Market Market, it only cost 1/4 of Mischa’s.
5. Becca Fitzpatrick said she finished her first book for 5years, she thought she wouldn’t make it. I’m not a lost cost after all!
6. It’s our 13th month pay date!
7. My 13th month pay doesn’t have any deductions aside from the Ondoy cash advance.
8. They’re starting to paint our house, with a touch of brown!
9. Out PT deployment is looking good, so far.
10. I’ve been interviewed by a good company this week.