Hi, I’m a newbie blogger.
Unlike the other professionals out there, I just write random stuffs that often picks my interest.
This blog is my outlet to channel my thoughts, and by one way became my stress reliever.

About the “Me”
I’m a unica hija who doesn’t always get things the easy way.
As a student, I’m a slight delinquent but I really enjoyed every minute of it.
As an employee, I worked in a company as a web developer.
I always deal with technical stuff but I’m absolutely 100% sure not a techie person. Ironic eh?

I love reading books, I forget the reality when a book really interest me.
I also love watching movies, from no-brainer to brain-shakers. But I’m no fan of horror movies though.
As much as I love to read, I love to write and my ultimate hero is Mary Louise Alcott, the creator of Little Women.

When I was in HS I used to write poems depicting my emotions.
My first attempted novel is about a rising boyband and their attraction to their younger siblings babysitter. I used to carry a notebook and pencil anywhere, I forgot what happened and the notebook got lost so is the story.

Short stories comes next and I just wrote it for requirements, 1st was when I was in HS and I think I lost my copy. Next one is in college (which I actually wrote for a friend). Maybe you’ll get to read the latter since I’ve decided to publish it here.

Right now, I’m kinda thinking of starting to write something and publish it here. The problem is its just stays in my mind, I’m having a hard time to type it out in words.

I envy JK. Rowling, S. Meyer, B. Fitzpatrick, M. Cabot and all the published writers out there. I wish I could keep words flowing. I know I have good stories in my mind, I’m just not good in materializing it right now.

I’m planning to take a short writing course someday, when time and finance permits.

Oh well that is so much information about me and my writing. By the way my name is Audrey.

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