Becca Fitzpatrick’s Crescendo

I just finished reading Crescendo this weekend and I super love it! In Hush, hush I only love Patch, here in Crescendo I love them both!

The story continues where Hush, Hush left, Patch becoming the hottest guardian angel in town and Nora madly in love with him, and yeah Patch is also madly in love with her. The story took turns and I get annoyingly curious by how things are happening. At one chapter Patch and Nora are professing their love for each other, then Nora suddenly breaking-up with him, and then making out in a dream, then more shouting and suspicions and again lots of making out. The character’s presentation are all good by the way.b You’ll get irritated with Marcie flirting hard with Patch and Scott making his deadly moves towards Nora. You’ll love to have Vee as your bestfriend, and Rixon’s devilish acts won’t get noted until the last chapters of the story. And I guess if given a longer introduction we’ll all hate Hank Millar.

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Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick and Expectations by Eya

Hi, you’ve read my post before and it is a fact that I’m really excited to resume my reading Crescendo. But before I could start getting my hands on t again I would love to write some of my expectations. And absolutely write an aftermath experience.

My number one concern is Patch. It’s also a fact that Patch is one of the reason why people got hooked with this fallen angel story. And those of you who’ve read Hush, hush, we all know that Patch became Nora’s guardian angel. My dilemma, the key factor why Patch is such a hit is because of his “bad boy” image, so if he becomes a guardian angel, will he leave his “bad boy” persona and be a goody-goody angel? If so that would be a total blow. I personally want Patch bad! haha! There’s something sexy in his badness that you can’t help yourself imagine becoming Nora.

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