Welcome July 2009!

Here’s some list of events, birthdays, anniversaries and everything I care about for the month of July…

July 01 – movie: Ice Age 3:  Dawn of the Dinosaurs; movie:Public Enemies
July 02 – Nanay Bessie Ansay’s birthday; Pasig Day
July 03 – Lola Nida Virtucio’s birthday; Pong Tanael’s birthday
July 04 – Fil-Am Friendship Day
July 09 – Tita Ning Ansay’s birthday; Katkat Fajardo’s birthday
July 10 – Jaimie Pangilinan’s birthday; Transplant Anniversary
July 11 – Cale Lorenzo and Jaira Tanada’s 5th anniversary
July 15 – Pay day!
July 16 – movie: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
July 21 – 64th monthsary
July 25 – Hazel Santos’ birthday; Rj Justo and Len Clupig’s wedding
July 31 – Pay day!

To all the celebrants, Happy Birthday!
To Cale and Ate Jai, Happy 5th Anniversary!
To Rj and Reynalen, Congrats and God Bless!
To Ctoy, Happy monthsary! May we have many more months to come!