Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick and Expectations by Eya

Hi, you’ve read my post before and it is a fact that I’m really excited to resume my reading Crescendo. But before I could start getting my hands on t again I would love to write some of my expectations. And absolutely write an aftermath experience.

My number one concern is Patch. It’s also a fact that Patch is one of the reason why people got hooked with this fallen angel story. And those of you who’ve read Hush, hush, we all know that Patch became Nora’s guardian angel. My dilemma, the key factor why Patch is such a hit is because of his “bad boy” image, so if he becomes a guardian angel, will he leave his “bad boy” persona and be a goody-goody angel? If so that would be a total blow. I personally want Patch bad! haha! There’s something sexy in his badness that you can’t help yourself imagine becoming Nora.

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Crescendo lands in Fullybooked Boni High Street

Yes, it’s true. Fullybooked announced yesterday in twitter that they now have copies of Crescendo ready for reservations and buying in their Boni High Street branch. I already have mine yesterday! Good thing Ctoy works at Taguig and he can easily go there.

I’ve started reading it, as usual Becca provided a Prologue that opens the mystery in the story. I’m still on the first chapter but Patch already sends shivers everywhere, hot hot hot! This book’s original release schedule was on November and I’m just so happy that Fullybooked released it just before my birthday, I now really really love Fullybooked!!! I’m planning to write a before and after article about Crescendo but because I already have it on my hands, I’ll only be able to write the “after” part. Anyway, to all Hush, hush fans here in the Philippines, grab your Crescendo copy in Boni High Street now na!

Yet another fallen angel story

Fallen Done reading Fallen, another fallen angel story for teens but this time with a twist of having a star-crossed lovers. It has a book 2 and its already out in the bookstore, Fallen 2: Torment, written by Lauren Kate. And I’m totally buying it!

First of all, I bought this book just because I’m looking for something kilig story. I chose this one since the cover is much appealing than the others and because this does not include any vampire. And also because I was intrigued by the other readers comments. But as i say, mainly for a love story.

I have to admit I was totally bored with this book. That was the initial reaction.

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