My 2011 Ready-to-be-read booklist

I reached my reading quota last year (15 books) and I’m challenging myself to read more than that!

I feel blessed that I enjoy reading so much and there’s a lot of good books to read, and even more because even if 2010 hasn’t left, I already have books lined-up for reading! These books are given by friends, colleagues and family as Christmas presents. Tis the season!

1. The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – have to buy
  • The Girl who Played with Fire – given by my Monito Theo
  • The Girl who Kicked Hornets Nest – have to buy

2. Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albomgiven by my cousin Diana

3. The Fallen series by Tom Sniegoski

  • The Fallen – given by my cousin Aris
  • Leviathan – have to buy
  • Aerie – given by my cousin Aldwin
  • Reckoning – given by my cousin Aldwin

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Laziness and La Greta

I’m so tired right now. I’m sleepy. With all this gastric reflux and energy-less body, I’m too lazy to lie in my bed. I want to watch tv. I want to read Kiko Machine Komix. But most of all I’m too lazy to get up from this couch and move to my bed which I think is approximately less than 20 steps away.

I’m watching TV Patrol right now and La Greta is on. Did you see her diamond studded necklace? It’s dazzling. Even if she’s in tv, her diamonds shines super bright. It sparkles! Lucky Greta. By the way, I love her in Magkaribal, the role suits her very well and she absolutely gave justice to her role.

I should probably get to work. Either create more blog entries, more anime entries, read, write… Too many things to do, so little time.