It’s Feb Fair time!

Madami mang drama ang naganap sa pagitan ng nag-iinarteng si Chancy at ng USC (Sakbayan), ay  sa wakas matutuloy pa rin ang pinakahihintay hintay ng bawat estudyante at alumni na Feb Fair!!!

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The song and the boy

I need something to write just to keep me preoccupied until 5pm. I arrived in the office by 1pm and I need to fill-in 4hrs of work today. Tick, tock, tick, tock… its still 4:07pm.

Maybe I can share something again about me =) Hmmm… about what?

Did you know the song Listen by Stonefree?

I think I was in my first years in college when I first heard this song. It was the OST of Singles, not sure if season 1 or 2 but its about a group of girls competing about being the ultimate single gal.

I really, really liked that song. And I don’t know any of my friends who knew it as well. During those days I haven’t met limewire yet, I really liked that song but I don’t have any way of having a copy of it.

I remember asking some of my friends if they knew it, I even sang it for them! But to no avail, they don’t. Until one time in our tambayan (if I remember correctly we’re challenging him of the songs he knew or we’re just making him sing?) I asked a new brod if he knows that song, right there and then he sang it. KABLAM!
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