A message of Love from Ninoy to Cory

Here’s the poem made by Mr. Ninoy Aquino for Mrs. Cory Aquino while he was exiled at Fort Bonifacio. This poem was his gift to her for their 19th wedding anniversary. The poem is really sweet, a song of love, a
message that will constantly remind his love to his wife.

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Welcome August 2009!

Here’s some list of events, birthdays, anniversaries and everything I care about for the month of August…

August 01 – Death of former President Corazon Aquino; Catalina Pamatmat’s birthday
August 05 – Burial of former President Corazon Aquino;
August 06 – Cavinti, Laguna fiesta
August 07 – movie: GI Joe Rise of the Cobra
August 08 – Pauline Iwarat’s birthday; Brian Cube’s birthday
August 10 – Shamdja Kitma’s birthday; Tani Alejo’s birthday
August 15 – Rachelle Clemente’s birthday; Ria Panelo’s birthday; Pi Sigma Fraternity National Anniv; Payday!
August 17 – Papa and Mama’s Civil Wedding Anniversary
August 19 – movie: UP
August 21 – Lolo Tirso Virtucio’s birthday; 65th monthsary
August 26 – Family trip to Bora
August 27 – Family trip to Bora
August 28 – Family trip to Bora
August 29 – Liliw, Laguna fiesta
August 31 – Rhea Sevilla’s birthday; Payday!

Happy AUGUST to all! 😀