What a week…

My week is almost over and I haven’t posted a new “pic of the week”, hadn’t had the chance to change my “words of the week” column and haven’t even composed a single post.

What a week…
Well, my week’s not over yet. But here’s a summary of what I’ve been doing.

Monday – Gossip Girl Season 2 marathon.

Tuesday – Called in sick. Did some Gossip Girl Season 2 marathon again (I’m sick okay!). And in the afternoon I had a 3-hour interview/exam with an interesting company

Wednesday – Back to work and do some bug fixing. Then the Drivewire team received a very good news, we just got our spot bonus because of our successful project! By the end of the day Karla treated us @ Chowking.

Thursday – Nothing much to do, this time Sir Glenn and Teng treated the team @ Shakeys. And before the day ended I was appointed as the development lead for the remaining site (mixed emotions!). News didn’t sinked-in yet.
Also it’s our 70th monthsary, yehey! For our date we watched Sherlocked Holmes and dined @ Pepper Lunch Shangri La. What a great day.

Friday – My task began to sink-in and I’m still “nangangapa” but with the help of the team we’re able to do start something even if we still lack the comps. By 4pm I have to rush to The Medical City to reach the Records Section before they close by 5pm to request my Hospital Confinement Certificate needed by SSS.
Then meet Ctoy at Mega Mall, do some shoe window-shopping, dine at French Baker, then bought a leather belt at Giordano.

Now I’m here, typing something and ready to doze off.
Last working day tomorrow and I’m off to Laguna to see our newly painted house. 😀

By the way, Happy Anniversary Pi Sigma Fraternity.