September to Remember 2010

September 01 – Dad Raul Virtucio’s birthday; Anna Korina Arocena’s birthday; movie: Sa’yo Lamang, Despicable Me, Mamarazzi, Vampire Sucks
September 02 – John Alvin Ansay’s birthday;
September 03 – Dad and Mom’s 26th church wedding anniversary!; movie: Going the Distance
September 06 – Pi Sigma Delta – LB batch 02-D 8th anniversary!
September 08 – Happy Birthday Mama Mary!
September 10 – movie: Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D
September 11 – End of Ramadan
September 12 – UAAP Cheer Dance Competition @ Araneta
September 15 – Pay day!
September 16 – Karla Ramirez birthday
September 19 – Ma’am Concepcion Khan’s birthday;
September 20 – Pi Sigma Delta Los Banos chapter anniversary
September 24 – movie: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole
September 27 – Gerelle Ansay’s birthday
September 30 – Pay day! Tatay Fidel Ansay’s birthday

To all the celebrants, Happy Birthday!
To Ctoy, Happy monthsary! I-date mo naman ako sa EK! hahaha!


It’s August month again!

I know I’ve been bad not posting monthly events, scheds and birthday greetings…
I’ll make it up by starting all over again. So here are my shout-outs for this month! =)

August 01 – Death of former President Corazon Aquino; Catalina Pamatmat’s birthday
August 06 – Cavinti, Laguna fiesta; movie: Step-Up 3D
August 07 – Pythagoras 2002 Mini Reunion @ Pagsanjan lodge
August 08 – Pauline Iwarat’s birthday; Brian Cube’s birthday
August 10 – Shamdja Kitma’s birthday; Tani Alejo’s birthday
August 13 – movie:Eat, Pray, Love; movie: The Expendables
August 15 – Rachelle Clemente’s birthday; Ria Panelo’s birthday; Pi Sigma Fraternity National Anniv
August 17 – Papa and Mama’s Civil Wedding Anniversary
August 20 – movie: Nanny McPhee returns
August 21 – Lolo Tirso Virtucio’s birthday;
August 29 – Liliw, Laguna fiesta
August 31 – Rhea Sevilla’s birthday

Happy birthday to all the celebrants. To Pythagoras batch 2002, be there!
As always, I love you bhie! Happy monthsary!