Tomorrow I’ll be single and fabulous

Haha! Single starting tomorrow? That depends. But tomorrow I’ll try to be single. I’ll try to do stuff, single ladies do. And also, since boyfriend is not around… why not?

According to Cosmopolitan’s September issue, here’s the top 6 to-do list when your single.
1. Meet (make-out) with random guy just because he’s hot.
2. Get some quality time with your self.
3. Go to somewhere you like but your guy doesn’t.
4. Spend your money, buy something for you really want
5. Get at least 3 guys to score for your number.
6. Throw a party (simple!) with different groups.

Well here’s my plan for tomorrow if ever Pepeng doesn’t strike. This is supposedly a normal activity for me, but tomorrow I’m doing all these ALONE.
1. Go to a mall and do some window shopping.
2. Watch In My Life or KimmyDora.
3. Eat lunch and have coffee after.
4. Buy something I really like, shoes and books!
5. Go home satisfied and happy.

Girl Power!

Welcome September 2009!!!

Here’s some list of events, birthdays, anniversaries and everything I care about for the month of September…

September 01 – Dad Raul Virtucio’s birthday; Anna Korina Arocena’s birthday
September 02 – John Alvin Ansay’s birthday; movie: Kimmy Dora Ang Kambal sa Kiyeme
September 03 – Dad and Mom’s 26th church wedding anniversary!
September 06 – Pi Sigma Delta – LB batch 02-D 7th anniversary!
September 07 – Iglesia ni Cristo’s Brother Erano Manalo’s burial
September 08 – Happy Birthday Mama Mary!
September 13 – 2009 UAAP Cheerdance competition, GO UP Pep Squad!
September 15 – Pay day!
September 16 – movie: In My Life
September 19 – Ma’am Concepcion Khan’s birthday;
September 20 – Pi Sigma Delta Los Banos chapter anniversary
September 21 – 66th monthsary; End of Ramadan
September 27 – Gerelle Ansay’s birthday
September 30 – Pay day! Tatay Fidel Ansay’s birthday

To all the celebrants, Happy Birthday!
To Ctoy, Happy monthsary! San mo ko ide-date? 😀