Dog abused and abusers

I’m not an animal lover, dogs specifically. I think their cute but that’s all. I can’t take care of them, I’m afraid they might bite me anytime. I’m afraid to touch them, nor go near them. But this video I saw about this cute tiny dog named Sushi being beaten by a guy just because he can’t stand in his hind legs and there’s this girl just taking videos of them and did not even try to stop the guy, it’s so heartbreaking. I can feel the dog’s sufferings.

I haven’t finish watching the video yet, I couldn’t bear watching the sufferings of this tiny creature at the hands of this egotistic, psychotic man anymore. Reports named this violent couple as Doreen Loo and Allan Tan, both from Malaysia.

I hope they are already caught and imprisoned for this, what did that little fluffy dog do to deserve that kind of treatment? If I we’re to punish them, I’ll lock them in a cell full of viscous and battered dogs, lead by Sushi I’ll let the dogs take revenge on this inhumane couple.

By the way, here’s the heartbreaking video. If you know anyone doing the same thing, don’t hesitate to report them. There’s a lot of animal-rights activist that are more than willing to help, such as PETA.