If money doesn’t matter

If money doesn’t matter….

I would really love to work in Fully Booked or any bookstores instead of sitting here in front of a computer understanding logics, converting pseudo -codes, yakking codes, creating websites. I’ll be spending my 8 hours in a world where book matters and not deadlines, enhancements and bugs.

Just thinking aloud.


Fallen: The Event, Lauren Kate Live in Manila

On my way home, I can’t help but noticing the huge poster of Fallen and Lauren Kate in Glorieta National Bookstore’s glass wall. Lauren Kate, the renowned author of Fallen series is coming to town, yey!

Fallen: The Event will be held on November 27, 2010, 5PM at Atrium,┬áThe Podium, brought to us by National Bookstore. To get invites, you first need to buy a copy of lauren Kate’s books Fallen and/or Torment in National Bookstore until the event proper. You could find a paper at the back and that will serve as your invitation.

There’s also a chance that Lauren Kate will sign books depending on the number of participants. If many showed up, the names will be raffled and only those will get their books signed. As for me, I don’t know if I could attend since my Lauren Kate book’s are bought in Fully Booked or Powerbooks and I do not want to buy another copy. But then I wanted to see her still, I’m a big fan of YA authors.

I just wish that they’ll also get Becca Fitzpatrick here in Manila and I’ll be 100% sure in my attendance.

Crescendo lands in Fullybooked Boni High Street

Yes, it’s true. Fullybooked announced yesterday in twitter that they now have copies of Crescendo ready for reservations and buying in their Boni High Street branch. I already have mine yesterday! Good thing Ctoy works at Taguig and he can easily go there.

I’ve started reading it, as usual Becca provided a Prologue that opens the mystery in the story. I’m still on the first chapter but Patch already sends shivers everywhere, hot hot hot! This book’s original release schedule was on November and I’m just so happy that Fullybooked released it just before my birthday, I now really really love Fullybooked!!! I’m planning to write a before and after article about Crescendo but because I already have it on my hands, I’ll only be able to write the “after” part. Anyway, to all Hush, hush fans here in the Philippines, grab your Crescendo copy in Boni High Street now na!