Top 10 What’s on my mind right now?

1. Ang sarap mag brush ng teeth pag new ang toothbrush, hehe

2. While Globelines customer reps are great, super bagal naman mag-service ng tech support nila. Inverted proportion sila.

3. Up, up and away… I love Up! I miss Mr. Fredricksen and Russell and Kevin and Dug. Sana gawin silang dolls, I’d totally buy them all.

4. Nakakatamad tumayo para lang maghugas ng baso para magdrink ng tea.

5. Noynoy Aquino is being used by some political figures in the height of Tita Cory’s death and 2010 election. He should listen to his sisters.

6. I would really love it if PGMA’s soul will transfer to a beggar and then to a commoners body each for a day. And if she still don’t care and understand our life, her soul should transfer to a cockroach!

7. I really don’t like pineapples in pizzas.

8. I really wanna buy that shoes I saw in Glorietta5, taas lang talaga ng takong, ang hirap maglakad!

9. I wish that I am so rich so that I don’t have to work doubly hard to get the things I wanted. Pero if I don’t,  siguro I won’t appreciate them as I do now… so ok na din pala mag-work doubly hard 😀

10. I am so excited for our tomorrows trip, sana wag umulan. Boracay here we come