eXtreme Creative Writing with James Abela

X-treme Creative Writing, I found this book while exploring at National Bookstore and I’m kind of thinking on buying a book like this that will help me improve my writing skills. I chose this over others cause it claims to help readers break free from their boring writing skills and be more creative, and because it’s thin and I think it’s not hard to understand.

I already finished reading this book. There’s 17 chapters all in all that will provide help step by step from writing to publishing your very own book. You won’t have a hard time understanding the concepts, just think of basic english or math. Also there’s advises and practices readers are encourage to perform and I am so willing to do. So expect in my future posts that there will be at least 17 entries that related to theses extreme creative exercises and I will be really grateful if you’ll comment and share your thoughts about my writing and if its really improving haha!

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