Anime Watch: Vampire Knight

Not yet tired of Vampire stories? Then you have to watch this anime, Vampire Knight. With 13 episodes, the story revolves around the Yuuki Cross, Zero Kiryuu and Kaname Kuran (yes, a love triangle will soon emerge). Yuuki was saved by Kaname, a pure blood vampire, from her vampire attacker who also murdered her family. She was then adopted by Kaien Cross, headmaster of Cross Academy. Zero shares the same story but holds grudge towards vampires.

Ten years after, Yuuki and Zero became a student and prefects at the Cross Academy. It is their responsibility to protect the Day Class from the Night Class. Why? Because Night Class students are vampires which hungers from Day Class’s blood, and because the secret of Night Class being vampires should be protected. Kaien, Cross Academy’s headmaster, dreams of making vampires and humans live together without harming each other. He shares this dream with vampire Kaname.

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