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My new Twitter button

With The Used music’s as my background, I just added a new widget here in my blog. It’s the twitter follow-me button, the blue bird on the right sidebar. I tweet a lot, minimum of 10 posts a day? I tweet about anything and everything. It’s more accessible rather than my blog actually. And with only 140 character allowed per post, you go straight to the point, no long intros and outros or mind boggling thoughts you can’t decipher. Anyway I just love twitter so much.

One thing I also like about twitter is the Bio wherein you put description of yourself. I love reading what other people are saying here. Most of them are summary of who you are, what you are and what you want to be. For two years mine just says: “a princess in disguise” but now its kinda lame and I made it a little longer.

Anyway, follow me in twitter! And if you still don’t have any, go and create one. It’s fun!


About aqceya

struggling writer-pescatarian-programmer-environmentalist-singer-rocker-procrastinator... a princess in progress ^^

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